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100+ Coders Gather in China to Build Apps Tied to the Bitcoin Cash Network

On June 1-3, 100+ coders gathered together for the ‘BCH Geek’ in Hangzhou, China, an event that focused on developers creating BCH-based apps in order to make “bitcoin cash available to all.” According to regional reports, the event was quite successful and there were a lot of cool applications built specifically to enhance the BCH […]

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An Electronic Bitcoin OTC Platform Has Been Built For Institutional Investors

Jump Trading, a Chicago-based firm, has developed a digital bitcoin OTC trading platform, which it expects will  revolutionize the bitcoin trading arena for institutional investors. Electronic Bitcoin OTC Trading Jump Trading’s new platform is a significant upgrade on the usual OTC bitcoin trading paradigm. Usually, firms conduct such transactions with their counter-parties over the phone or […]

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Buglab: Delivering Unprecedented Cybersecurity Through Blockchain Technology

Harnessing the power of the Ethereum blockchain, Buglab delivers actionable solutions to some of the critical issues currently plaguing the field of cybersecurity penetration testing. After a substantial amount of time of careful preparation, development, and planning, Buglab has finally announced the date of its presale and public sale. The whitelisting process is set to […]

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Bitcoin Down in Google Searches But Still Bigger Than Beyonce

Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ have dropped by 75% this year in direct correlation with the price, though people are still searching for the world’s top cryptocurrency than ‘Beyonce’ and ‘blockchain.’  ‘Bitcoin’ Google Searches Correlate With Price According to Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, the drop in searches is a bad sign for prices. “We […]

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Ifoods Chain ICO is in Progress on LEEKICO, Only 2 Days Remaining before Exchange Hit

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  • June 6, 2018
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Beijing, China. June 6, 2018. – Over time and with the emergence of many ICOs that go live almost every moment, the need for integrity in the coin generation environment has become essential. This is the reason platforms such as LeekICO are gaining prominence to ensure that fairness, security, integrity, and transparency is maintained in […]

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Development of Lightning Mobile Wallets Promises Faster Bitcoin Payments

Since the turn of the year, the price of bitcoin has been battered with investors left to lick their wounds. Behind the scenes though, the development of Bitcoin has continued to defy market movements with the continuous development of the Lightning Network (LN), which has led to the creation of several bitcoin LN wallets. The […]

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Short-Seller Investor: Fiat Currency Could Bring the World Down (But Don’t Buy Bitcoin)

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  • June 6, 2018
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Jim Chanos — an American investment manager and founder of Kynikos Associates, a New York City-registered investment advisor focused on short selling — claims fiat currencies could bring the world down. However, he also claims that Bitcoin is “the last thing” he’d want to own in the event of a catastrophe.  ‘The last thing I’d […]

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Switex Becomes NAGA VIRTUAL

Switex — NAGA’s decentralized marketplace for virtual goods — has officially rebranded to NAGA VIRTUAL. NAGA, one of the most diverse and exciting blockchain platforms in the industry today, has officially rebranded its virtual goods marketplace from Switex to NAGA VIRTUAL — bringing the product’s name more in line with the rest of the NAGA […]

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