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HBUS Launches First Ever Cryptocurrency Billboard Campaign in the US

HBUS has launched a cryptocurrency-themed billboard campaign to sensitize people about the emerging virtual asset class. The company which is the exclusive U.S. partner of cryptocurrency exchange giant, Huobi, says it is the first caqmpaign of its kind in the United States. “Evolved Crypto Trading” Billboard Campaign Titled “Evolved Crypto Trading,” the billboards are located […]

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WePower (WPR) – Why It’s Poised to Outmuscle Bitcoin in December

WePower (WPR) is in the spotlight this week for bridging green energy and blockchain technology. WPR looks like a solid contender to outperform Bitcoin returns in December. Niche Cryptocurrencies Every week provides new opportunities to find undervalued cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies can produce returns far in excess of BTC. As BTC looks to recover from recent […]

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Why a Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating System is Overdue – Cointelligence [Interview]

Bitcoinist spoke with On Yavin, CEO of Cointelligence, an educational and data platform for the cryptocurrency space that will soon launch the first-ever cryptocurrency exchange rating system in early 2019.  A cryptocurrency exchange rating system is perhaps overdue for the crypto space given the history of hacks, scams and regulatory challenges that present barriers to […]

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Is Blockchain Just Hot Air? New Study Finds Zero Percent Success Rate

A new study into 43 blockchain solutions implemented in the international development sector revealed a zero percent success rate. It also found that blockchain vendors didn’t respond to requests for evidence of their solutions’ results. Blockchain Still Has Much to Prove A team from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) examined 43 implementations of […]

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